At VooDoo Cable, it’s about the music – first and foremost. Bach, Beethoven, Coltrane and Hendrix all pass through our cables. And that’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Our job is to design and build cable that provides our customers with the highest level of audible performance from their high-end audio system. The basic technology of building audio cable has been around for more than 100 years. But the understanding of how conductive and dielectric materials and magnetic fields affect audio signals and AC power is really just entering adolescence. Experienced audio engineers and a growing number of audiophiles now realize the importance of how and why signals and AC move through various conductive alloys and how dielectric materials affect those signals and AC power. The challenge now is to conduct unruly signal and power electrons to each component in an orderly and efficient manner with the utmost coherent linearity at the lowest level of line noise possible.

VooDoo Cable is not made from bulk wire that has been extruded, spooled and printed by a cable fabricator somewhere in Asia. VooDoo Cable is handcrafted to the customer’s specified length and termination from raw materials at our factory in Oakland, California.We used the highest purity conductive alloys, copper and silver, plus our own proprietary Cryo-Alloy™ metallurgy to achieve the unique sonic performance of VooDoo Cable.

All of the conductor wire, shielding and connectors used to build VooDoo Cable are cryogenically treated in our computer-calibrated Cold Fusion™ cryogenic process. The Cold Fusion™ utilizes both deep-immersion in liquid nitrogen and vapor immersion processes. Then the conductors are custom wound in our shop to specified length with precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials. Each cable is a meticulous assembly of high-purity copper and silver conductor wire, silver-plated copper braid shielding, ISO-grade Teflon®, and other high coefficient velocity-matched dielectric insulation materials. Our cables are terminated with the highest quality connectors. Due to the overwhelming benefits of Cold Fusion, our proprietary cryogenic treatment, our cables require minimal break-in time.

The Cold Fusion™ cryogenic process was developed specifically for the treatment of the conductive wire, shielding, connectors, and other components used in the manufacture of all VooDoo Cable products. All of the conductive wire, shielding and connectors used to build our products are cryogenically treated in our computer-calibrated liquid nitrogen cryogenic process at -315 degrees Fahrenheit (-192 C) to re-align and fuse the molecular structure of the conductive metals and alloys.

At the molecular level, electrons that make up any electrical pulse jump from one conductive molecule to the next. The more direct the transient path of the signal or current pulse, the less electrical noise will corrupt the signal or current. Cryogenic treatment tightens and aligns the molecular structure of conductive alloys and metals at the molecular level. The result of this metallurgical transformation is significantly lower line resistance in the signal path for significantly less harmonic distortion. The overwhelming benefits of our proprietary cryogenic treatment process for audio cable are dramatically increased harmonic resolution, greater detail and transparency in the soundstage, and more accurate dynamic response throughout the audible range. For video cable, the benefits are significantly less noise in the video signal path for a brighter, sharper picture, and more accurate color rendering, deeper blacks, and quieter scan resolution.

After several years of debate and doubt from skeptics, cryogenic technology is now widely accepted and used in the manufacture of high-end audio and video products. VooDoo Cable has used cryogenic technology in the manufacture of our products since 1999.