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Premium Silver IEC Adapters

Adapt 15-amp power cord to 20-amp panel-mount IEC connector or 20-amp Power cord to 15-amp panel-mount IEC connector. The ultimate high-performance IEC adapters made with cryogenically treated #10 AWG solid-core 99.99% pure silver conductors in Teflon dielectric with RTV Silicone insulation. Rhodium over silver-plated IEC connector. Carbon fiber body injected with epoxy resin to dampen vibration resonance.

– Audio Grade Quality Design & Construction
– #10 AWG 99.99% Pure Silver Solid-Core Conductors
– Rhodium over silver-plated copper IEC connector
– Cryogenically treated in cold fusion (-315 F below zero)
– Teflon Dielectric with RTV Silicone Insulation
– Encapsulated in Epoxy Resin
– Universal 120/240 volt
– Handcrafted in the USA