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Silver Nova CAT8 Ethernet Cable

The Silver Nova CAT8 Ethernet Cable is made with 24 AWG 6N solid core pure silver conductors in Teflon dielectric. The conductor lay is wrapped with double layers of Mylar film coated copper tape and shielded with silver-plated copper braid for maximum protection against invasive microwave RF and electromagnetic interference. The Silver Nova Ethernet Cable is capable of network speeds up to 40 Gigabytes per second at bandwidth of 2000 MHz. The Super Nova is terminated with audio-grade Telegartner RJ-45 connectors. Available in lengths from 1 to 10 meters.

Premium Silver IEC Adapters

Adapt 15-amp power cord to 20-amp panel-mount IEC connector or 20-amp Power cord to 15-amp panel-mount IEC connector. The ultimate high-performance IEC adapters made with cryogenically treated #10 AWG solid-core 99.99% pure silver conductors in Teflon dielectric with RTV Silicone insulation. Rhodium over silver-plated IEC connector. Carbon fiber body injected with epoxy resin to dampen vibration resonance.

– Audio Grade Quality Design & Construction
– #10 AWG 99.99% Pure Silver Solid-Core Conductors
– Rhodium over silver-plated copper IEC connector
– Cryogenically treated in cold fusion (-315 F below zero)
– Teflon Dielectric with RTV Silicone Insulation
– Encapsulated in Epoxy Resin
– Universal 120/240 volt
– Handcrafted in the USA

UK to US AC Adapter

Adapt Audio Grade AC power cords with US type (NEMA) AC plug to fused UK mains outlet. Available with 10 AWG Solid Silver conductors with Rhodium plated Connector or 10 AWG Solid Copper Conductors with Gold Plated connectors. Adapters are insulated with RV silicone and sealed in epoxy potting compound. Lifetime Warranty.

Powermatic Power Distributor

The Powermatic AC Power Distributor is designed for audiophiles who prefer to enhance the sonic performance of their system without the inherent limitations of an active power conditioner, or the tonal imbalance caused by line noise in a power strip. High ampacity Epoxy encapsulated solid copper bus bar within the Powermatic provides an immense amount of line capacitance for continuous and peak demands that insure stable transformer operation and effortless sonic performance from even the most power hungry components and systems.Cryo-treated Gold-Plated or optional Rhodium-Plated PowerPhase Tellurium Copper Outlets (95% copper) contacts grip power cords tighter than any other audio-grade receptacle. Each receptacle is discretely wired with cryo-treated #12 AWG silver-plated copper conductors in Teflon dielectric insulation. To defeat ground noise andHigh Performance Audio Grade AC Power Distribution.

  • Available with 4, 6, or 8 Gold-Plated or optional Rhodium-plated PowerPhase AC Outlets with Isolated Ground
  • Cryo-treated ‘High Ampacity’ Solid Copper Bus Bar Encapsulated in Epoxy
  • Aerospace grade #12 AWG Silver-Plated Copper Wiring in Teflon Dielectric
  • Passive RF/EMI Filtration / No Relays / No PC Boards
  • All Components Cryo-Treated in cold fusionTM
  • Dual Fuse IEC Inlet includes 2 Cryo-treated 10a/250V fuses
  • Universal 120/240 volt AC*
  • Set of 4 Isolation Spikes Included
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ (30cm) OAL x 5″ (13cm) W x 3.5″(9cm) H
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Silver Litz Phono Interconnect

Stradivarius Amati Edition Speaker Cable

Dynasty Digital Powercord

The VooDoo Dynasty Digital Powercord is specifically designed for digital source components and preamps, where

Air Spectra Powercord

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