How can I keep my AC power cord from falling out of the wall outlet socket?

Usually, the problem isn’t the power cord. Rather, the wall outlet is not properly installed. Install the outlet with the ground contact on top at the 12 o’clock position, so the ground pin of the AC plug will firmly hold the weight of the power cord and not pull out of the socket. The National […]

Why are VooDoo power cords thicker than other audio power cords?

There are some cable manufacturers who tell their customers that a thick, heavy gauge power cord is unnecessary. And some cable manufacturers even espouse that an audio-grade power cord should not have any effect on the sound of a component. How strange! At VooDoo Cable, our priority is to design and build power cords with […]

Will the power adapters affect the sound of my component?

VooDoo Cable IEC and AC power adapters are completely transparent. There is no ‘loss’ or phase shift. There is no audible or measurable change in the current or sound of the component. The IEC adapters may be used with any 120 or 240 volt component. The IEC standard is universal for all international AC power […]

For which component(s) should I buy power cords?

Source components that have an IEC connection will benefit immediately from powercords. Start with the CD/DVD player, or the digital-to-analog processor (DAC). Then add powercords to the pre-amp and amplifier(s). If your source components do not have an IEC connection, use power cords on your pre-amp and amplifier(s). A few better-quality receivers require IEC power […]

Why do I need audiophile AC power cords for my audio and video system?

VooDoo Powercords significantly enhance the electrical power to your audio and video components by adding greater line capacitance and stabilizing the inductance of common-mode 115 volt household electricity. Household electricity is plagued by square-wave noise from lighting dimmers, TVs, computers and other appliances, as well as from electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), which […]

Do VooDoo Cables require break-in time?

100 hours is the conventional break-in period for most new audio and video cable. But due to the benefits of our cold fusion cryogenic treatment for all VooDoo Cables, the break-in period will be much shorter. Customers often dread the break-in period. In fact, the break-in period with VooDoo Cable is not an unpleasant experience. […]

What makes VooDoo Cable unique?

VooDoo Cable is not made from a bulk spool of wire that has been extruded and wound in a wire factory somewhere overseas, and then purchased wholesale to be terminated by your local audio/video dealer. First, all the wire, shielding and connectors used to build VooDoo Cable are cryogenically treated in our computer-calibrated cold fusion […]

What should I listen for when comparing AC power cords?

You should hear an immediate improvement in the three-dimensional soundstage, that magical area between, behind, and in front of your loudspeakers. The sound should be significantly more open, transparent and alive. Voices and musical instruments should occupy discrete positions in the depth and width of the soundstage. Also listen for the dramatic increase and precise […]

Does cable really matter?

We are often asked by customers for recommendations about which cable they should purchase and why. For most audio/video enthusiasts, the question of what wire or cable is usually an afterthought that comes with that feeling of expectation and elation just after the purchase of a newly acquired component or speakers. For others who have […]

What is Cold Fusion, and why do we cryogenically treated our cable?

Cold Fusion is our own proprietary cryogenic process developed specifically for the treatment of the conductive wire, shielding, connectors, and other components used in the manufacture of all VooDoo Cable products. All of the conductive wire, shielding and connectors used to build our products are cryogenically treated in our computer-calibrated liquid nitrogen cryogenic process at […]

What about cable termination?

Termination for any cable is extremely important for several reasons. At VooDoo Cable, we carefully select the type of termination for our cable based upon the best sonic, electrical and mechanical performance. We have tested all the available termination on the market and have chosen the termination that suits the engineering and performance parameters of […]

Why the name VooDoo Cable?

A more than twenty years ago, when our founder Bruce Richardson began building high-end AC power cords, he took his creations to local audio dealers to demonstrate the extraordinary affect they had on the performance of audio components. Most merely scorned the idea and refused to audition the power cords. More than one dealer scoffed […]