Definition Single-End and Balanced Interconnect

  • Continuous Cast Solid-Core Copper Conductors
  • Single-End with KLE Silver-Plated Copper Harmony RCA Connectors
    or Balanced with Neutirk XLR with Silver-Plated Contacts
  • Air-Core Teflon® Velocity -Balanced Dielectrics
  • 100% Coverage Copper Braid Shielding
  • Cryogenically Treated in Cold Fusion™
  • Handcrafted in the USA

The Definition Interconnect Cable derives its sonic signature from the Evolution interconnect design, with full-bandwidth transparency, high-definition harmonic resolution and balanced dynamic response. The Definition Interconnect produces exceptionally neutral sound, with extremely smooth highs, fluid mid-range presence and accurate bass control. The cryogenically treated continuous cast copper conductors are precision-wound in a air-coreTeflon® dielectric. Copper braid shield provides 100% protection against EMI/RFI signal interference. The Definition is terminated with cryogenically treated KLE Copper Harmony RCA connectors. The Definition Balanced Interconnect is built with Neutrik XLR connectors with cryogenically treated silver-plated contact pins.

USD Price/Pair:
.5m RCA $250         XLR $300
1m RCA $300          XLR $350
1.5m RCA $325       XLR $375
2m RCA $350          XLR $400
3m RCA $400          XLR $450

Product Description

VooDoo Definition Interconnect