In-Line IEC Adapter

Connect your power cord to electrostatic speakers, component or subwoofer with a hard-to-reach IEC connection. 15 amp IEC to 15 amp IEC or 20 amp IEC to 20 amp IEC. This adapter may be ordered either with the Ground or Lifted Ground to defeat ground loop hum.

– Available with 15 or 20 amp IEC connectors
– Available Grounded or Lifted Ground
– Audiophile Quality Design & Construction
– Cryogenically treated in cold fusion
– #10 AWG solid copper conductors
– RTV Silicone Insulated
– 2 1/2″ (62mm) length
– Universal 120/240 volt
– Handcrafted in the USA

$75.00 ea.


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Product Description

VooDoo In-Line IEC adapter