Velocity Single-End and Balanced Interconnect

  • Continuous Cast Pure Silver Conductors
  • Oil-filled Velocity-Matched Teflon® Dielectrics
  • Single-End with KLE Silver-Plated Copper Harmony RCA Connectors
    or Balanced with Neutirk XLR with Silver-Plated Contacts
  • 100% Coverage Copper Braid Shielding
  • Cryogenically Treated in Cold Fusion
  • Handcrafted in the USA

The Velocity Interconnect vividly reveals musical detail and dynamics with spatially accurate imaging, extended highs, accurate low frequency control and natural acoustic ambiance around voices and instruments. The Velocity Interconnect will deliver uncolored neutral tonality, with full bandwidth transparency and full range balanced dynamic response. The cryogenically treated solid-core continuous cast high-purity silver conductors are encapsulated in oil-filled velocity-matched Teflon® dielectrics with 100% copper braid shield for protection against EMI and RFI signal interference. The Velocity single-ended interconnect cable is terminated with cryogenically treated KLE Silver-Plated Copper Harmony RCA Connectors. The Velocity Balanced Interconnect is built with cryogenically treatedNeutrik XLR connectors with  gold-plated contact pins.

USD Price/Pair:
.5m RCA $350        XLR $400
1m RCA $400         XLR $450
1.5m RCA $450      XLR $500
2m RCA $500         XLR  $550
3m RCA $550         XLR  $600
4m RCA $600         XLR  $650
5m RCA $650         XLR  $700


Product Description

VooDoo Velocity Interconnect Cable