VooDoo-Hubbell IG 8300 Audio Grade AC Outlet

  • ‘Green Dot’ Hospital Grade UL Rated
  • Isolated Ground Circuit for lower noise
  • Cryo Treated in cold fusion™ at -315F (-192C)
  • Treated with Deoxit Contact Enhancer
  • Brushed Stainless Wall Plate Included (as pictured)
  • 20 amp/120 volt NEMA Rating UL & CE Approved (16 amp rating in countries with 240v)

The VooDoo-Hubbell IG8300 is superior other outlet at this price in the following ways: The ground terminal is totally isolated from the lead and neutral circuits to reject ground loop noise and electromagnetic interference. The internal circuitry, wire and blade contacts are heavy-gauge phosphor bronze made of 95% solid copper- not plated brass! The receptacle body is made of injection molded thermoplastic with a Nylon face for high dielectric strength. The receptacle grips plug blades tighter than any other audio-grade receptacle on the market. The IG8300 receptacle has been treated in our proprietary cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process. Sold with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

$69.00 each

Product Description

VooDoo Hubbell IG 8300 Audio Grade AC Outlet