IEC to NEMA Break-In Adapter

Break-in your new power cord or chain together two power cords. This Male IEC to Female NEMA adapter allows you to burn-in and pre-condition your power cords, or use two or more power cords in one AC power chain.

– Available with either 15 or 20 amp male IEC connector
– Audiophile Quality Design & Construction
– Cryogenically treated in cold fusion (-315 F)
– #10 AWG solid copper conductors
– RTV Silicone Insulated
– 3.5″ (87mm) length
– 15 amp or 20 amp
– Universal 120/240v
– Handcrafted in the USA

$95.00 ea.

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Product Description

VooDoo IEC to NEMA Break-In Adapter